12 lb. Napoleon

Another model I’ve been working on in my spare time. I don’t have any concrete plans for it yet, but I’ll think of something.

Ladder Climbing System

This is a ladder climbing system I’m developing for the Unreal Marketplace. It is designed to be intuitive to implement, and to provide a lot of customisation. Users can drag and drop the system into their map, set its parameters to match the ladder mesh they’re using, and it will handle when and where to climb on and off, and all the animation – it even knows where to place the characters hands and feet!

Modular Catwalks

Another asset pack for the Unreal Marketplace. This one allows users to quickly create catwalks (or railed pathways) at varying heights. This pack is currently being textured, look for it on the Unreal storefront soon!

Modular Vents and Ducts

Another asset pack for the Unreal Marketplace, Vents and Ducts contains over 50 individual models to create any type of path you need. It scales well, so it can be easily made large enough for Gordon Freeman to crawl through. The pack also includes some extras like ladders, light fixtures, and fans. This pack is currently being textured, look for it on the Unreal storefront soon!

Osbert (2014-11)

Osbert represents my attempts to create a mobile RPG that doesn’t fall back on using a sub-optimal ‘virtual control pad’ for character movement. This system is of my own design, and has met with some success in playtesting. A lot more work is required to make it feasible for a larger project, however.

This was a design exercise, and as such most of the art in this image is not my own. The backgrounds have been created by Paul Cherry, and the character sprites are owned by Nintendo.


Impulse is a physics-based experimental prototype I developed as part of the learning process for Unreal 4’s blueprint system. Intended for mobile devices (my first prototype on the platform) it allows players to drag outwards from a ball to ‘fling’ it in that direction. It also featured an endless, procedurally generated track.

I have plans to return to Impulse and develop its mechanics further in the near future.

Dining Room

This dining room is part of a larger game concept that places emphasis on the exploration and investigation of an environment over combat or traditional puzzles. The room represents my efforts to create an environment that tells a story without needing cutscenes, dialogue, or even other characters.

It is an ongoing effort, and has also been my first foray into the new Unreal Engine 4. It has given me the opportunity to learn the new engine, and explore it’s new lighting and post-processing features.

Created by Semaphore Line artist Paul Cherry and myself.

Jungle Island Basin (Mysterium 2014)

The 2014 convention was the largest Mysterium ever held (at least until 2015!). Hosted at Cyan HQ, it included interviews, presentations – and of course a demo by the RealRiven team.

My role in the Jungle Basin Demo was quite varied. I spent most of my time in the Unreal engine, constructing levels, creating materials and lighting the environment. The most involved task I was required to perform was creating the animations and game logic behind the ‘Number Toy’ puzzle. Seen at 2:30 in the video, it is a key part of the original game – and a lot of work went into recreating it as close to the source material as possible.